YTD Video Downloader is an amazing program that allows you to download videos from over 60+ sites including YouTube. The program, comes with a lot of additional features that make it well worth your time, and even worth your money if you spring for the Pro version of it.

YTD Video Downloader Free Version Features

  • Download from Facebook, Vimeo and 60+ other popular sites
  • Convert video files to WMV, AVI, MP3, iPhone and more
  • Manage downloads and conversions on the fly
  • Automatic resume/retry when the internet connection fails

Pro Version Features

  • Download multiple videos at the same time
  • Built in download acceleration up to 4 times faster
  • Download and convert videos with a single action
  • Convert multiple files with a single click
  • No additional offers in the installer
  • Free email support

The main differences are that the Pro version comes with batch conversion and download. Also the Pro version does download the video files faster because the free version is throttled meaning that you are limited on how fast you can download the video while using the free version.. If you are just downloading some music from YouTube or a video that you want to watch on then go, then the free version is what you will want. If you are doing a lot of mashup videos or are in need of conversion for a video you recorded then this program is amazing at that. The Pro version is well worth the features for it is only $30.00 per year.

The program is being actively worked on, and it is well worth your time. Not to mention the program has apps for Android and IOS!


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