Yoteslaya a very popular gaming Youtuber has recently passed away in a terrible train accident. He died around 2 am of October 22. He was out drinking, and on his way home he tried to race the train and sadly was hit in the accident. He was killed by the train and has left the gaming community with a dark cloud over us. He will forever be missed by his subscribers, the people over at Machinima, and us.

Yoteslaya (Brian) passed away leaving his two kids and family behind.

We have a video from a dedicated follower of Yoteslaya who really shows how much he will be missed by the Youtube and Gaming communities.



He was a very influential man being a very large influence in his family, and to half a million subscribers.  Yoteslaya was The Zombie Slayer he was the go to guy for Borderlands 2 and for his life to be taken away so easily by one stupid mistake. If there is one lesson that is don’t drink and drive kids and remember that you never know when that last tweet, video, or Facebook post will be made.



RIP Yoteslaya


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