Yoast SEO is often hailed as the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market mostly due to its features and the ease of use of the plugin. However, the plugin performs a lot of the functions better than that of its competitors.

For instance the page analysis function of Yoast is often more accurate than that of it competitors because it accounts for the way that your posts will show up in Google search results. Many plugins neglect the fact that Google will show your post date as well as the meta description therefore your descriptions end up looking poor and leave you with the infamous triple dot.

Yoast Features

  • Post Titles and Meta Descriptions: Yoast allows you to edit the post title and meta descriptions it will automatically generate one according to your settings, or you can edit it inside the post.
  • Robots Meta Configurations: Yoast allows you to control how the crawler will crawl your page allowing you to choose what type of content it crawls and choosing to ignore the meta description from the Yahoo or the Open directory projects.
  • Canonical: Yoast fixes common canonical URL problems that are common with WordPress.
  • Breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs make it easier for Google to index your page and it adds a category next to your URL in a Google search. While most themes should have these built-in, Yoast has the ability to add them for you.
  • Sitemaps: Yoast has a site map for everything. It allows you to generate a site map for each content page (while site maps for things such as videos are not included in the free version you can pay for the add ons).
  • RSS Enhancements: Yoast makes it to where you can edit your RSS feed to show exactly what you want it to. You are also capable of adding HTML to the RSS feed as a way to monetize it.
  • Edit your Robots.txt and .htaccess files: These two files have a lot of impact on your website SEO and if you  configure them incorrectly you can hurt your ranking or prevent Google from indexing your website at all!

Why You Should Use Yoast Versus Other Plugins

While the idea of an all in one plugin is quite appealing to most new users there is an issue with that and it is they commonly fall short in the categories that they do manage to cover. The top alternative All In One SEO Pack covers a wide array of features that try to automate the process and by doing so users may be hurting themselves more than they think. For instance automatically sharing your posts to websites like Facebook may save you time instead of posting it manually or scheduling it with a tool such as Hootsuite but it does help you reach a larger group of people. Automatically submitting posts to bookmarking websites can improve your back links but over doing it can get your website blocked even if it is temporarily.

Personal Experience With Yoast

Yoast was not my first choice for an SEO plugin but it definitely was the right one now. Yoast lacks all the bells and whistles that other plugins had but it does its job better. The recommendations that Yoast offers makes it well worth the time effort to use a more manual solution and just because your website does not rank high doesn’t mean the plugin is doing poorly it means that you have some work to do on creating back links. Yoast is a wonderful tool that should be the WordPress standard.

Download the plugin and see where it can take your online business!


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