According to Comscore Yahoo has surpassed Google in search traffic by about 4 million views. The amount of times Yahoo services was viewed was 196.6 million while Google only had 192.3 million. How is this possible is Yahoo truly becoming more popular than Google? Was it rigged? Or is there something else at work here. These have been the many questions that people have been asking because the numbers don’t seem to add up.

Was Tumblr Counted?
Tumblr is the 28th largest website according to Alexa and according to Comscore the views from Tumblr were not factored into this count. I found this to be strange because Yahoo did purchase them a while back which would make sense for them to count it. However,since they are picking and choosing services what did they choose from Google or Yahoo.

How Were The Numbers Counted?
We don’t know where these numbers are coming from, is Comscore monitoring all of this, or are the numbers being sent from Yahoo? If the numbers were being sent from Yahoo then they would want to place themselves higher than Google. What services did they count we only know of 2 services counted for Google and Yahoo, and that is their search engines. The question remains, “Is This Real” we don’t really know. If you were to go onto the Alexa ranking you can clearly see a mile of Google.

Google vs Yahoo Alexa Rankings

Search Engines (English Only)
Google: 1 Google is the most used website according to Alexa.
Yahoo: 4 is gaining popularity according to the statistics.
Google wins in this category.

Blogging Service
Blogger: 12
Tumblr: 23
Google wins in this category by a large margin.

Video Service
Youtube: 3
Yahoo: 4
Yahoo does not have a direct youtube like service instead their videos are offered under a subdomain from this site is

What Does This Tell Us?
This quick comparison shows us that these results are not fair. Even if it was just between and Google has the higher rank and therefore it should have won. But if they factored in subdomains then they would need to factor in the services that Google offers under a different url. Yahoo screen would need to be replaced by Youtube. Essentially the testing was unfair because it only factored in one domain and it’s subdomains and since Yahoo has more it was going to win.

Was It Rigged?
That is hard to say what needs to happen is clarification on how these numbers were released because this does not sound right. Everyone is trying to pick sides on this debate because it does not make sense Marissa Mayer has turned Yahoo around, but these numbers sound a little ludicrous.


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