The two tech giants Yahoo and Microsoft have for quite some time worked together and sided with eachother on various issues and projects. Now they claim that they did not know about the NSA snooping, and they have a warning for all of us, because if the NSA can get past encryption policies what is stopping others from doing, and getting past it as well…

Yahoo has been one of those tech giants that never has had much to say, but when they do their opinion si widely held, and that is because of how large the company is. Yahoo has said that it fears “substantial potential for abuse” referring to the ability of the NSA to get past encryption methods. This shows that these companies fear that the internet is only getting more insecure, and that is because if the NSA is able to get past our encryption methods, what can stop a hacker from learning a similar technique.

Microsoft has spoken a lot on this issue, and they have even agreed to team up with Google to sue the NSA over this issue. Microsoft has said that it has “significant concerns” over this issue. This means that the internet and the information that it is carrying is all vulnerable to some form of attack. While the “attack” comes from a government entity, how long will it take for someone else to learn the technique.

These tech giants have also stated that they have no evidence that the government is able to break into their systems, and take the information from them. However,they all have admitted that they do on occasion gives information to the government when they request, only if they can provide a valid reason for the request.

This means that our most common and what we thought to be strong encryption method is flawed or that the NSA is able to intercept the data before it has a chance to be encrypted.

When your data is encrypted the browser will display that HTTPS with a little lock on top. The way encryption works is fairly simple. Your browser goes to this page, and the server says here is the key to go to this page. Along with that key is a certificate this certificate is then read by the browser and if it gets a green light it will continue. Then the server says well done you have passed, and it sends its “private” key which is the key the server actually uses for you to access the data on the page. Then the encrypted page shows up. Essentially it is a bunch of locks and keys, and if the first one does not work then you don’t want to go to the page.

Now if the government intercepts the data, it would have to be when the server sends back that “private key” this would mean that they got the same copy of the as you did. Therefore,they can retrieve what it is you are doing even though you are technically safe.

However if the government is decrypting the data, then that means that they have that ultimate “private” key and they can unscramble that connection. So if you saw this with the key

Hello nice to meet you.

Without the Key

H25425-0 3-59 43-5043-

Then the government is able to decrypt that and since we all use the same standard form of encryption then it is theoretically possible for the government to be able to decrypt all information since the basic steps are the same and all that is different is the scrambling of those letters.


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