Yes there is no an “official” price for Xbox one games. When it comes to setting the prices of these games, the prices are generally set by the developer of the console. Microsoft has announced that Halo 5 will be only $60 which was the same price as halo 4. The critically acclaimed Call Of Duty Ghosts will also be $60. Why are the prices set at this price? What about the PS4? Let’s Find out.

Why $60
This is actually a price that I was expecting, and that is because it is becoming cheaper to produce games. Now some of you are wondering, how is this cheaper when it is the same price? The answer is simple these next-gen games are expected to be on more powerful engines, better graphics would be included with this engine, and the combat will be more dynamic. Now as an example when the PS 3 was released it was roughly $700 the PS 4 which has far better specs will be $400 see this is a better product, and it is cheaper than the initial cost of the less powerful version. Not to mention Microsoft is trying to keep costs down to sell more copies. When it comes to games it matters how many you can sell rather than the price of which the game is set to.

What About The PS 4?
Well good news for you, the PS 4 games will also be $60. The whole gaming market seems to be at that point of equilibrium, and they want to keep there are as long as they can. Now SONY has been hiding one piece of information from people and that is that YOU DO NEED TO PAY FOR MULTIPLAYER. A common misconception is that you won’t need to pay for internet on the PS 4 well  you do unless you are playing on the same network. They want to keep the price the same, because people are already accustomed to the Xbox live prices. A yearly cost for Play Station Plus will be $50. Now the real question is can SONY get away with this? SONY in the Past has had a ton of issues with their Play Station Network being hacked and that is because they are less secure than Microsoft.

All games will cost $60 for these consoles, and the PS 4 will require a $50 a year subscription. Now these are the games from the consoles respective developers special editions of games we are expecting to cost around $80 and more depending on the game. Let’s see how the game developers will react to these prices and whether they will stick with them. We will also see if PS 4 fans will rage over the Play Station Plus or if they will adjust and accept the new changes or if they will be up in arms.


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