Whats Good About The Plugin: The plugin comes with a ton of security benefits such as rewriting the names of your databases to prevent hackers from finding them. It also enforces your users to use strong passwords to prevent them from being hacked.


Whats Bad About The Plugin: The plugin can be extremely confusing to those who are not used to working with databases and don’t know how to do simple configuration for your server.


Should I Use It: Yes this plugin is a great addition to your WordPress website you need to have a reasonable amount of protection for you and you users and this is exactly what you need.


About The Plugin


When it comes to protecting your WordPress website you can never be too careful about your security because if you being hacked, attacked, or spammed you need a way to prevent people from going in and causing trouble. Hackers will not only target you the site owner, but they will also target the users of your website to try, and get information from their accounts because if they get the login information for your users they are even closer to hacking into your website because now they are in the server.


WP Security And Firewall is an all in one plugin that not only protects your site from hackers, but spammers, and it even protects your users by enforcing a strong password when they register for your website. The plugin has a ton of security benefits and it explains all the changes that it makes and recommends what you should do before you make the changes.


Why This Plugin?


Many other WordPress Security Plugins don’t have the protection that you need, and then you will need to add more and more plugins. This is a great substitute because it is an all in one Security Plugin protecting you from any small threat. Whether it is protecting your login servers, your databases, or even requiring stronger passwords this plugin gets the job done. Not only that but it will prevent all those annoying spam comments that you will likely run across by disguising the built-in comments with its own code.


WordPress is very secure but due to its popularity there is a good chance that someone has already written an exploit and this is something that you can’t afford to happen. By disguising many parts of your website and hiding your WordPress Meta Tag then you will be very secure and less vulnerable to bots and hackers.


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