Blizzard is going to start merging realms (servers) in World Of Warcraft to try and combat the declining population. Blizzard recently admitted to the declining population and even announced that they lost about 100,000 subscribers over the last quarter brining the population down to 7.6 million.


Blizzard staff announced on the World Of Warcraft blog that they would start merging realms and included a simple list.


Completed. These are the realms that have already completed the merging process.

  1. Aegwynn, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar
  2. Aggramar and Fizzcrank
  3. Anub’arak and Chromaggus/Garithos
  4. Auchindoun and Laughing Skull
  5. Balnazzar and Warsong
  6. Black Dragonflight, Gul’dan, and Skullcrusher
  7. Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, and Haomarush
  8. Blood Furnace and Mannaroth
  9. Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Maiev, and Stonemaul
  10. Burning Blade and Onyxia
  11. Chromaggus and Garithos
  12. Dalvengyr and  Dark Iron
  13. Dentarg and Whisperwind
  14. Drak’Tharon, Firetree, Malorne, and Rivendare
  15. Nesingwary and Vek’nilash
  16. Scilla and Ursin
  17. Tortheldrin and Frostmane



After Scheduled Maintenance


  • Draenor and Echo Isles
  • Gorgonnash and Balnazzar/Warsong
  • Lethon and Blackwing Lair/Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush
  • Lightning’s Blade and Burning Blade/Onyxia
  • Smolderthorn and Anub’arak/Chromaggus/Garithos


Future Mergers


  • Azshara and Azgalor
  • Arygos and Llane
  • Cairne and Perenolde
  • Nathrezim and Anub’arak/Chromaggus/Garithos/Smolderthorn
  • Zangarmarsh and Hellscream
    • Coilfang and Dark Iron
    • Fenris and Dragonblight
    • Spirestone and Drak’Tharon/Firetree/Malorne/Rivendare
    • Ysondre and Magtheridon


Why This Was Needed


World Of Warcraft is just becoming unpopular because of its “stale content” and its subscription based model. Free to play gaming is on the rise, and if they don’t bother to make serious changes to the business model or the content then they will only lose more people. It is going to be difficult to make any serious code changes because the game is aging running on an old engine, and it either has to upgrade the engine, or needs some major revamping because the game is just old and repetitive.


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