The Warlords Of Draenor Cinematic trailer has been released by Blizzard on their official YouTube Channel. From the above video we are taken back to a much earlier and simpler time in Warcraft. One were we just blow things up with fire and spikes, and are taunted by evil-looking Orcs giving us alcohol in exchange for everything.

Jokes aside, this trailer is actually very well done, and it gives us a good idea on what to expect from the latest expansion which if you can’t tell is focused greatly on the past.

The latest expansion is after the cataclysm and the world is being rebuilt, Garrosh Hellscream (leader of the Orcs) has gone back in time to cause this outcome. In the original outcome the Orcs actually succummed to the demons blood and were driven by it becoming basically slaves.

However, this time Garrosh has gone back in time to change the fate and thus having an army of the greatest warriors the orcs have ever seen. By doing so he could in theory return and take over Azeroth. However, that is where you step in your job is stop Garrosh’s Wrath do will you take arm or just succumb to his wrath much like the Orcs did to the demon.

This trailer really gives a beautiful look even for a cinematic into the distant past of Warcraft despite it causing a paradox.

Logically the entire expansion causes a giant paradox for if he went back in time and prevented them from drinking the blood what would have lead to the other events the burning crusades, Arthas? How would this happen what would be of Death Wing without Thrall would he have ravaged the world killing everyone and everything? Not to mention if he went back in time and changed the previous events he never could have gone back in time to change the outcome that never happened.

It creates an infinite loop of nonsense but it doesn’t matter it looks amazing looks very well done and congrats to Blizzard on the expansion.

What do you think of the new expansion?


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