Yesterday WordPress and Drupal released a security update that if you haven’t downloaded yet you need to do that NOW. The patch was to cover a vulnerability involving a denial of service attack. This simply means if you are using WordPress or Drupal you should update it immediately.

The patch was worked on by both Drupal and WordPress after it was reported by Nir Goldshlager who is a product security team member at Salesforce.

The vulnerability would basically allow your site to be shut off if someone was clever enough to exploit it. The threat is grave considering WordPress alone makes up 20% of the worlds websites. We have already implemented this patch and did so within hours of release however, if you own a WordPress website and you have not updated it to the most recent version please considering doing that.

Versions Affected

WordPress Version 3.5+

Drupal 6+ Drupal 7+


The update is a critical patch and it is recommended to be installed immediately if you have yet to do so, get on the job now as the vulnerability and threat is real.

WordPress Users

Drupal Users


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