A former Google employee has released a spreadsheet that compiles the salary and bonus information for every staff member. The spreadsheet alleges that Google pays women less than men and they have consolidated it into a nice spreadsheet format.

The data was compiled by ex Google employee Erica Baker and suggests that women at entry level jobs within the company make about 4% less on average than men and women at mid-level jobs are making about 6% less than men.

For mid-level jobs, this amounts to an 11,000 discrepancy in wages according to the New York Times.

The research that Baker had conducted that women are paid less in five out of six job levels. However, Google was quick to comment pointing out that her sample size of 1,200 was too small and argued she didn’t factor in location, role, tenure or employee performance as she didn’t have access to such information.

In addition, when you look at her sample size you quickly see that she only worked with about 2% of Google’s entire workforce and lacking key details does shed some questions on the value of this study.

Google spokeswoman Gina Scigliano told USA Today: ‘This means that the story is comparing the compensation of, for example, a high-performing Level 5 engineer in the Bay Area with a low-performing Level 5 non-technical employee working in a different location. It doesn’t make sense to compare the compensation of these two people.’

Google also prides its self on how much women tend to make VS men as they announced back in January, women make 99.7 cents for one dollar made by a man in their company. In addition, the current national average white women are making about 79 cents for every dollar made by a white man and for black women they make 67 cents.


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