Windows Defender which is the Windows 8 version of Microsoft Security Essentials this is the most widely used antivirus program in the United States, but as far as its protection scores goes the program sucks. There are little to no other words to describe it, but Windows Defender and Microsoft Security essentials have the worst protection scores in the industry.

The program is given the AV-Test which tests its ability to scan and prevent malware well the program has gotten a .5/6 for the past 5 tests. This is the largest continuous failure of any program but it still passes because it is a high usability score and has little performance impact. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft needs to work on their test scores.

The program is very usable it needs no real configuration after instillation and has only 3 scan types. However at the same time the program can’t protect you against prominent malware. Now Microsoft has mentioned that the test scores don’t accurately show their protection because they focus on malware found commonly and that the home user would most likely come across. Well if these other companies do that and get better test scores you are still the loser here.

Now if the program sucks why do so many people use it? What does Windows 8 come with? Windows Defender. What does Microsoft recommend when ever you don’t have antivirus installed? Their product Microsoft owns the largest share of desktop operating systems and therefore is able to get their software distributed with ease. But with poor testing and real world results the program is in need of serious work.


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