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Windows 10 Cloud Microsoft’s Fresh OS Alternative

Windows 10 Cloud Microsoft’s Fresh OS Alternative

Microsoft has been trying to keep PC makers away from Chrome OS (and other alternatives), for many years and trying to keep consumers away from Apple’s iPad alternative. Microsoft has failed with its two previous attempts both Windows RT and Windows 8.1 with Bing was never widely adopted. The software giant is now trying once again with its latest experiment Windows 10 Cloud.

References to the new variant have started to pop up in recent Windows 10 test builds. This version is meant to be a simplified version of Windows that is designed to run Microsoft’s Universal Apps from the Windows Store. This alternative is clearly a direct competitor to alternatives like Chrome OS and Microsoft will be able to position this simplified version as a low-cost, budget, or free version of the operating system.


While it’s not quite clear when Microsoft plans to deliver this new version of Windows 10 but early references in the Creators Update to Windows 10 (which is due this April) suggest that it could arrive at the same time.

Microsoft could also be planning to release it later this year with its second planned update to Windows 10.

While Microsoft has not publicly said anything about this new Windows 10 Cloud OS it doesn’t literally mean that the computer’s OS resides in the cloud away from the physical computer. But most of the software and services as well as the functions of the computer will reside through internet services and apps very similar to that of a chrome book.


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