Android is an operating system that is targeted by most malware, attacks, theft, and much more so what can you do to protect it. Well Android actually has you covered there, you are able to encrypt your device and this is something that does not take long but most people don’t do it.

Encrypting your Android device is something that you should be doing not just because it keeps your device safe but because it can keep snoopers out as well. Most of us probably use some sort of screen lock but it is quite simple and easy to get past so whats stopping someone from turning your phone on getting past that lock screen and getting into all your apps and files?

That is were encryption comes in encrypting your device makes it to were no one can even turn it on without a password. During the boot up process the user will be requested to enter a password if they guess wrong then the device warns them however, if they do it to many times it will wipe the information on your phone. So a simple thief who takes your phone wont be able to get to your information and if he tries the phone wipes it all so there is nothing to retrieve. The process to set this up is fairly simple.

  1. Enter your settings window.
  2. Go to security.
  3. Encryption
  4. Now if you have an SD card on your device you can encrypt that as well but click on phone storage encryption and follow the simple process as it takes you through on how to encrypt your device.

Don’t lose or forget the password to your phone if you do then getting to your phone will be that much harder and its just a mess don’t lose the password its fairly simple.

Make sure your phone is at 80 percent charge and your charger is readily available for this process. Otherwise you will not be able to do it, also make sure your device is not prone to shutting off so if it shutdowns or turns off randomly don’t try this process and see whats wrong with your device before you do.

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    • The speed will not decrease and the battery will stay the same in terms of use. All it does is take the information that you have and disguises it so potential hackers or malware shouldn’t be able to identify it.


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