When it comes to fan base in the technology field, Apple has the most devote fans of any company and no one seem to know why.

Samsung recently sent some disguised employees to report on the seen to try and understand what makes the fans so devoted. The fact of the matter is that Apple has the most devoted and loving fan base and no one can figure out why.

Their is a meme that says it all that basically broke down all of the features that IOS 7 gave iPhone users, and said “Android had all these features for years and no one bats an eye.” “Apple adds them to IOS 7 and everyone loses their mind”. The fact of the matter is that Apple is adding features that Android has had for years and their fans have gone crazy over it.

Now what is the exact reason for this, are Apple fans seem to think that Apple is naturally superior to Android in every aspect. Speed, Design, Apps, these are just some of the common arguments that people try to justify to me.

This is not true Android phones have better hardware, and are therefore superior in speed. The design is all personal preference, and the apps are all dependent on the developer and not the operating system. If you want to test the strength of the operating system then Android has the potential for more powerful apps, and we can see this through more memory intensive apps such as Avabel, and Order And Chaos.

However the real key to Apple’s success at controlling their fan base is that they release a phone timely every year that is an upgrade to the previous. So why should someone go and buy the new Android phone and re learn something when their new I device will be released, the same year and they are already accustomed to it.

While this only works for the true hardcore fans it still does not make sense for someone to wait 14+ hours to get a phone that is slightly better then the last generation, and is running the same operating system.


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