WhatsApp is working on a brand new feature that will work to protect users from getting spam messages. In the next update, 2.17.430 as reported by WABetaInfo confirms that the feature is still in beta and has not launched yet. This new feature is being developed for both Android and IOS.

Spammers have recently swarmed platforms like WhatsApp to spread spam messages. The spammers have used the platform to spread advertisements, fake news posts, and much more foul content to millions of users. They manage to do this by forwarding it to other contacts who then forward it to contacts in their messages. An example of the commonly circulated fake message says that – you need to start paying a subscription fee to the app in order to continue using WhatsApp unless you forward this message to many of your contacts.

According to WABetaInfo, the app will start showing alerts when a message has been forwarded over 25 times. The warning will appear at the top of your chat window to make it easier to identify potential spam messages to ignore and delete them easily.

The warning will also ask users to be cautious of messages that include very noticeable grammatical and spelling mistakes, messages asking others to forward the message to other contacts and especially messages asking for personal information.

In addition, the WhatsApp team also advised that users utilize the “broadcast list feature” to send messages to several contacts rather than by forwarding it. This way only contacts that have your phone number will be able to receive the messages.

In another recent app release, it was found that Android users had an “obsolete error’ version the messaging service had confirmed to fix the error as its occurrence was out of its control.

What are your thoughts on this move by whats app is it a step in the right direction or is it too little too late?


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