Apple’s 2014 World Wide Developer Conference will probably end up being one we wont forget. There are a lot of rumored items to be announced, and there are a lot of items we believe will be announced. Some of them will be new, some of them will be classical updates, and others will just be hunches following the trends of the company from its other conferences.

IOS 8: IOS 8 is going to be the newest iteration of the popular mobile operating system. Following the big changes that was IOS 7 we don’t expect anything extreme to come with this update. However, we are expecting more connectivity and more practical use than its other updates. There will also be a lot of bug fixes such as an improved maps app, and many other little fixes.

OS X 10.10: OS X might take a turn that IOS 7 did. The user interface is expected to get changed to something like IOS 7 but, these are rumored and we are not sure as to how they will be implemented. But according to Jony Ive the newest iteration of OS X is supposed to look similar to the IOS in the user interface and styling aspect.


Hardware Debuts, and Announcements

New Macs: Apple is expected to announce the newest version of the iMac since the company has not released a new iteration of one in over a year and due to the iMacs not receiving any other major announcements we are expecting to see them announced this time around.

Beats Announcement: Apple is going to speak about their new deal about their deal with beats, and explain why the company made the shift to buy the company. They might even have a performance by Dr. Dre to seal the deal with the two companies. However, who knows would it make sense sure is it going to happen only Apple truly knows.

The main thing about the WWDC is that it is meant to be more software oriented as it is a giant event meant for developers and Apple engineers to meet and discuss about the company its changes and its motives for doing certain things. It is also a must for any major Apple developer as it is an amazing event and tickets are normally sold out within a couple of days.

What do you think will be announced at this years WWDC?



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