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Virus total which was bought by Google has a great tool, which allows any user to submit a download up to 32mb to be scanned by 40+ antivirus engines. The best thing about this tool, is it allows you to scan downloads before they get on to your computer, and it lets you know whether it is safe for you to continue with that download. This tool is a great way to improve your computer’s security while also not using a lot of space on your computer. However there are some issues with this product, and we will go over them.


Submit before download: This allows a download to be submitted before it touches the hard drive. What virus total did was allow the download to pass through the memory so that your computer is safe from any malicious files during the scan.

Submit Any File: Virus total also allows you to submit any file or folder up to 32mb for scanning. This is a great way to make sure that you don’t have any form of ransomware on your computer. For instance if you downloaded a new toolbar and want to make sure it is safe. You can upload it right from your computer and virus total will scan the item to tell you if it is safe or if it has been detected as malware.

Upload a Process: Virus total can submit a process running on your computer. So if you believe that their is a malicious item running. This is such a useful tool especially if you don’t know what is running on your computer.


You may only submit 32mb at once: The issue with this is the website allows you to submit up to 64mb so why not allow us to use the full 64mb that we get from the website?

You can only submit 1 file at a time: The biggest issue with virus total uploader is that you may only submit 1 file or folder at once. This can greatly slow down the time it takes to check a new program which is why I recommend that you only submit the install file.

Why Did Google Buy It?

Google bought the company for it’s relationship with antivirus companies. What Google needs to do is start using this scanner for all of the Android apps that are submitted. If they fail on any of the tests then they should have to resubmit the app after the issue was resolved. Google has not done with the company and has basically let it sit there which is very sad, but there might be a reason for it. When Google first bought the company they did not really announce it so everyone knew and that might because they have something cooking with it. Maybe they are going to shut the idea down, who knows but what I do know is that Google needs to start utilizing this tool.

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