Viggle is a free Android app that allows you to make money by collecting points from watching TV. While the idea may seem rather odd Viggle actually does work and it can get you points from watching TV, Listening to Music, and downloading apps.

Viggle works by having you check in when you are listening to music and watching TV. You can gain points essentially from any show or music but you gain a lot more if you watch the sponsored shows which are normally specific movies you would likely want to watch anyways.

Now, before you think this is the greatest app ever keep in mind that it does take a while but you are gaining points by doing things you would do normally anyway so there is no real loss from your position. Viggle requires a lot of points to get anything from the store and doing things like watching TV do not reward you with a considerable amount of points. But if you were to do it every show every day for a week those points would add up and you might very well be able to redeem those points for a gift card.

While Viggle is very credible and has expanded to offer more ways for you to earn points the biggest issue with it, is how long it takes to gain rewards. That being said you have to look at the amount of work put into it in order for you to love Viggle. While I have never found much use for Viggle since I don’t watch that much TV Viggle is a very promising APP that anyone can use to try and earn some additional pocket change.

Good Points

  • Direct TV Integration means more points for users of Direct TV
  • Streak Bonuses
  • Viggle Live
  • Music Check-in

Bad Points

  • Awards are limited and appear inconsistent
  • Awards have gone up in price
  • Check-in bonuses are dropping


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