About Us

The Daily Exposition started as a Blogger based website on January 30th of 2013. Since then it has grown and changed into a self-hosted platform on WordPress. In late 2014 I built The Arcade Corner another website with the idea of creating another portal website with something special. In 2015 there is expected to be a huge change in the website that will make it unique from the other millions of arcade website on the internet.

I am currently the only one working on the websites as I have been since 2013, but I am expecting larger growth in 2015 to where I can start generating a large amount of revenue to put more time into all of my websites.

If you came from one of the many Blogger based websites that I also manage, then you are going to realize that I am the only person currently working on any of them and that I am in the process of acquiring more websites on the Blogger platform.