After the Super Typhoon the Philippines has been left in ruin many cities and towns are under water and completely decimated by the storm. People living there, have been living off of what little supplies they had but many of their homes and supplies where destroyed by the storm. This Typhoon was a category 4 which is right below the strongest level of storms which is classified as a category five where the wind speeds can reach over 200 miles per hour.


The US marines are currently sending two C-130 transport planes containing basic supplies including: food, water, generators, troops and other supplies. There has been an estimate that the storm has killed over 10,000 people and while the numbers have not been confirmed they are saying that search and rescue efforts are under way to search for those who could have been swept up by the storm.

They have confirmed 940 people to have been killed but they still need to reach the hardest hit areas which is the suburbs and towns by the ocean.


Most of this damage came from the wind speed, and just the sheer size of this storm. This storm was picking up a lot of water which would cause massive flooding over most of the island. Considering that the Philippines is not a developed nation, they were hit very hard. Most of the building would just be pushed over by the windows of the storm because they are not very solid and then that debris were just pushed around by the storm.


The rescue is being hampered by looters, and debris. Many parts of the country has been thrown into chaos and everyone is out for themselves, there have been no accounts of attack but there are some who are expecting this to happen due to the fact that many are fighting to get the supplies that they need for themselves and their family.


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