WordPress is great because it has a community of thousands of developers with tens of thousands of themes and plugins. Part of the appeal of downloading plugins from WordPress.org is knowing that your plugins will always be up to date and you can do so from the admin panel.

Part of the problem with plugins not being on WordPress.org is maintaining their versions and the issue of manually uploading files is theme options can be lost, updates can be broken and if you don’t know how to use FTP or CPanel you are going to be in trouble.

However, even if your ThemeForest theme or CodeCanyon plugin lack direct integration to keep themselves up to date there is a very simple way to automatically update, install, and manage your Envato market items straight from your WP-Admin panel. The best part is its completely free and works with any ThemeForest theme or CodeCanyon plugin.

The plugin which is dubbed as Envato Market is a WordPress plugin that makes all of this possible. To get started go to the associated page on the Envato website located here.

After you upload and install the plugin you will need to get an API key, the best part is the plugin provides the link and you simply need to provide a name for the key. After you receive the key paste it into the plugin’s API Key Field and it will find all of your WordPress plugins and themes.

Now when you go to your WordPress update page you envato themes and plugins will now also appear and it allows you to keep your site up to date, without requiring any manual intervention.


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