The United States government is considering sending lethal aid Ukraine to aid the government in fending off attacks from pro-Russian rebels.

Before everyone jumps the gun (no pun intended) the United States is going to send in “defensive lethal aid” which includes defense systems for the country to help aid off tank, and air attacks. There is no talk of setting foot on the ground.

The New York Times reported a possible change in policy saying that General Phil Breedlove is in support of sending lethal assistance, and that John Kerry, and Susan Rice, are open to considering this idea.

CNN has an exclusive interview with President Obama over this issue and he stated that:

“If the United States and NATO do not adequately support Ukraine, Moscow may well conclude that the kinds of tactics it has employed over the past year can be applied elsewhere,” the authors said, specifically highlighting concerns for regional NATO allies Estonia and Latvia.

The Ukraine has been hammered in recent attacks by pro-Russian rebels and it is in need of support if they are looking to win. Russia, has been in sort of a spree as its influence begins to spread into other smaller nations. Russia, has recently seized the Crimea and they have been found arming rebel groups and it continuing to place pressure on neighboring countries.

The United States and other developed nations need to start placing pressure on Vladimir Putin over the increasing hostility that it is showing to other nations.


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