This is a rather interesting concept what if you could be paid for using a social network? Sounds interesting right and you might be intrigued to try it. Well, a new social network is taking storm and it goes by the name of Tsu.

Tsu is a social network that pays you for following, liking, and sharing content with other people on the social network. Now before anyone starts to find ways to get rich, you won’t. Even if you are a particularly famous person on the social network you will not be generating a lot of money. The reason is quite simple Tsu pays based on your reach, so for instance if you have one like and one follower you are not that impressive, you generate very little in terms of traffic in the giant pie that is Tsu. Therefore, you are generating less than even .001%.

Therefore, you need to get followers which in turn will like your posts which can help extend your range even further. It truly is like Facebook in that sense however, there is a stipulation. You are only able to join Tsu by having a code from another user. I don’t quite understand the though process behind it, but you will be prompted to insert their code on the creation. However, ever since Tsu has risen in popularity it has become very easy to obtain one of these codes.

Insert the code below when you are prompted.

After using Tsu for a little bit I find that people are using the social network for the wrong reasons Tsu is meant to help reward those popular users that are creating shining content that will generate the most shares but people go into it as it were a money-making machine. While in actuality it is another social networking site just like Facebook, that offers a small incentive for you to be more active. Keep in mind that Tsu is still very new to the scene, and it is working to improve its product by improving their apps and the overall layout of the social network.



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