The TSA has new security measures in place that make it harder to travel with an electronic device. The TSA may now ask passengers in route to the United States from overseas to turn their devices on to make sure they are not explosive.

If the device is dead then they will need to undergo additional screening to prove that the device is not an explosive. This is going to be a major hassle to flyers because as we know what do we do when we are waiting at the airport you use your phone so the chances are is that it goes dead or it gets close to it. This is what I have done my phone would be dead before I board and when I finally boarded the plane I fell asleep until it was time to land.

These recent changes are meant to protect us against terrorists from Europe and the Middle East, keep in mind that it doesn’t affect those who are flying from within United States territory just those who are flying in from overseas.

However, due to this change affecting foreign countries the TSA is going to have work with other countries to get these practices in place as well as private security companies that may be used as airport security in other nations. These changes are mainly affecting Europe and the Middle East but to be fair why?

The TSA has received a lot of hate in recent times for their scanning and practices but is this even in their control? There are people in the United States that would be classified as terrorists and would also do this why are these practices not affecting the United States as well? If these changes went into practice within the country there would be a lot of hate over it most people would be fairly annoyed over the idea and argue what’s the point? However, if you are going to argue this what gives us the ability to only restrict the outside nations when we can also be the home of a strike against our own country.

The TSA is doing their job at protecting the United States but the ploy is quite simple most attacks come from people originating in those particular areas so its easier to say that these countries now have to do this then for us to force it on our airports.

What do you think of these changes? Is it right to only force it on foreign nations or is it killing the problem at the root?


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