A very powerful and potentially dangerous Trojan Horse malware program has been found on computers that are critical to the nation’s infrastructure and they could greatly impact the U.S economy.

In a report to ABC News, there is a great chance that the malware inserted on these computers come from the Russian government.

The software in question is responsible for controlling many of the nation’s energy sources including wind turbines, oil and gas pipelines and much more. If the malware was able to gain control it could greatly impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of American citizens.

There has been suspicion of Russian hacking ever since it started in 2011, but there was no evidence of the malware ever being activated to cause damage or to control government systems. Therefore, they knew that there was a chance of a penetration, but they did not know where or when it would be unleashed.

The Department Of Homeland Security is worried that the Russians are planning of hacking into government systems and hiding malware so that way when the time comes they can either knock out many U.S systems or that they can use it as leverage to deter the U.S from attacking Russian facilities.

The software is very Advanced and it is similar to other attacks that the DHS has warned about. The best thing that can be done on our part is to check the computer systems for any other traces of malware or any more potential exploits on these devices and carry on.

While this could be a major threat as it stands there is no sign of imminent danger, therefore, there is no cause for mass hysteria. If you are worried about this issue then the best thing you can do is go to the White House website create a We The People petition and hope that the U.S government makes a change to the security of their computers.


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