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NM Engineering intake, turbo heat shield hot/cold hard turbo pipes (Photo credit: onefish2)

Engineering is one of the fields were we don’t have enough students. While many people would think well since all of my friends are doing that we have enough. The fact is that there are not enough talented engineers, we are getting a lot of people who come out of school and are doing it for the pay check. Then we get those who work all the way for a masters or PHD, and they are the ones who are stuck at a university.

Why Are We Lacking Engineers

Many of us would blame the school system, and I agree with that but there is more to it then that. If you ask any high school student what an Ethernet cable is they will generally give you a blank stare and say what’s that. That is because students don’t want to learn about technology they want it to work and be simple that is how we have adjusted. Now as far as the schools we could argue that since they basically crush the creativity out of students that they are to blame. However, we need to realize that it can’t only be the schools fault it is also the student’s fault.

What Is Wrong With The Schools

Most people on the outside agree that it is the students fault without factoring in the schooling that they are receiving. Now when you go to a high school and look at the classes what are there? Mostly easy classes such as art and PE. The reason for this, is because students don’t want to take those engineering classes and if they do most schools don’t have them. Less than 10% of highschools have any sort of Programming/Coding Classes. I don’t have one and I had to teach myself how to code. American schools shun those who don’t do well, and glorify those who do well. The issue is that the people who don’t do as well are also more creative. So what do we do? We have students who are not very creative, but are top of their class, and then we have those students who don’t do as well, but have the imagination to succeed.

Are The Students To Blame?

The students  are not interested in the field because they have no reason to. No one glorifies the work of a website, no one glorifies the field except for those who want to be in it. Why should students be interested in a field when they don’t have the option to learn about when they are young? That is the issue so few students actually have the opportunity to get interested into a field such as engineering or physics.

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