A new theme that has just appeared on Themeforest has generated $8,640 in the three days that it has been on the market. The new theme has been dubbed NewsMag, and it is being produced by “tagDiv” the creators of another popular WordPress theme Newspaper. This theme has a 4.92 out of 5 rating scoring it very generously in comparison to some of the other themes on the market.

The theme can be viewed here, and it has captured the attention of many website owners. The most appealing thing is the approach it took instead of creating another blogging template NewsMag has taken the concept of a giant news website and made it into a WordPress theme. This item has generated an astounding amount of sales in such a short period (180 at the time of writing) mostly because of its looks. It has a very powerful creator that lets you, the website owner  customize it the way you want.

The theme does not currently support popular plugins such as BBPress, BuddyPress, or Woocommerce, but the developer has stated that they are working to implement and stylize the plugins in their next few releases (“We plan to add Woocommerce integration in one of the next updates”). This theme is growing huge traction and it has only just launched after they add support for the plugins that I have mentioned it will only grow larger.

This goes to show that learning to develop WordPress themes does payoff. The team is working on version 5.0 of their popular Newspaper them as well. It is going to be released soon so lets sit back and watch what else tagDiv has to offer.

If you are a website owner and are trying to build a large-scale news website and don’t know what theme to choose NewsMag by tagDiv seems to be the way to go.

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