Yesterday, a Tesla owner sacrificed his Model S to help save an unconscious drive who was having a stroke on the highway. The man’s station wagon was out of control on the highway and the Tesla driver slowed his car in front of the wagon until it hit his bumper bringing the car to a stop.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, congratulated the driver and said that Tesla would pay for the drivers. More importantly, Musk stated that Tesla would expedite the repairs, which otherwise can take a long time in certain markets such as Germany, where this accident occurred Monday night.

A 57-year-old man driving a VW Passat apparently lost consciousness while driving. It obviously resulted in a lost control and the vehicle hit the guardrail a few times, but it was still going fast.

That’s when the vehicle was spotted by a Tesla driver who realized that the VW driver was unconscious and decided to position his Model S in front of the VW and slow down until the vehicle collided.

He managed to bring it to a stop. The police and fire brigade arrived and transported the man to the hospital. His condition is unknown at the moment, but they believed he suffered a stroke. Pictures via the Munich fire brigade:

The damages to the vehicle appear to be limited to the front bumper for the VW and the rear bumper of the Tesla. The estimate for the repairs is about $10,600 or 10,000 euros.



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