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  • 7 Tips To Clean Out Your Computer

    Cleaning out your computer can be an onerous task, but these 7 tips from Iolo technologies make it much easier.…

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  • Computer Junk

    Clean Out Your Computer Day 2015

    Clean Out Your Computer Day 2015 is an event that is shared among tech companies and the objective is to…

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  • Tsu

    Tsu The Social Network That Pays You

    This is a rather interesting concept what if you could be paid for using a social network? Sounds interesting right…

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  • Why Email Clients Wont Disapear

    Email clients might seem a little old to most of us, but they still play a major role in business.…

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  • Should Blackberry Sell?

    Blackberry has been doing poorly for the past three years with no quarters of gains and last quarter of a loss of 1 billion dollars the company is doing very poorly. The market share is about 1.5% and they are going to lay off over 40% of their current staff. The company has been doing so poorly that it will be the smartest move for Blackberry to sell. The reason I say that, is that they do have some interesting patents that might be wanted by other technology companies who are not in the mobile phone market. Dell for instance would be a perfect buyer for this and here is the reason why. Dell has been doing quite poorly when it comes to their computers, and that is because they just don’t stack up with the competition anymore, and therefore they need an alternative market where they have a chance to succeed. If Dell were to buy Blackberry, then they would be able to establish their place in the mobile market, but they will have to do something that many might or might not like. They will need to drop the current devices, and build and Android based device. Why Android? Android is the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet, and for good reason. It is the most powerful, and it has the largest room for personalization by the company. So Dell could take the patents from Blackberry and put them into use for an Android device. This would be the chance for Dell to establish its place in the mobile market, and thus increasing their revenue, as well as recovering the company as a whole.  Will Blackberry ever sell? Will Dell be a potential buyer? It will all depend but if RIM does not do something, they might as well file for bankruptcy.  SH2VWG72GYR9

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  • Advanced Systemcare 7 Beta

    Iobit has officially started their advanced Systemcare 7 beta. The product has quite a few changes that we are looking forward…

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  • Twitter Adds 2-Step Verification For Android App

    Twitter has released an update for their mobile android app that increases the security of the app by using its…

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  • How To Protect Your Facebook Account

    When it comes to your social media sites you want to keep your data secure from any scammers and spammers…

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  • 1.8 Million Linux Forum Passwords Stolen

    Many users are at risk of their passwords being stolen after hackers managed to gain up to 1.8 million of…

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  • Browser Comparison 2

    This test was to determine many of the basic parameters of browsers display, and security vulnerabilities. The above image shows…

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