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Yahoo And Microsoft Warn Over NSA Snooping

The two tech giants Yahoo and Microsoft have for quite some time worked together and sided with eachother on various issues and projects. Now they claim that they did not know about the NSA...

Bitdefender Photon Is Released

Bitdefender's new products are released under the code name of photon. This new name comes from their new scanning technology. We are very glad to see these changes, and the new scanning technology should be...

Virus Total Uploader Review

Apple G5s at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2006, de:HTW-Dresden (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Virus total which was bought by Google has a great tool, which allows any user to submit a download up to 32mb...

5 Security Tips to Help You Maintain a Secure Website

You might not think that your site holds potential value for a hacker, but if you think you run a secure website, you might want to think again. Cyber criminals hack websites every day,...

Why A Web Store Needs SSL

SSL (Photo credit: jeff_golden) Every web store and most website have that little lock at the address bar, or the bar will turn green. This is an SSL and websites have the for specific reasons....

Free Website Security Badges

When it comes to website security there are not a lot of options to check your websites security unless you want to drop a couple hundred or even thousand dollars for a decent website...


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