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Google Showcases Best Apps Of 2014

Google has a tradition where once a year they always showcase the best apps on the Android marketplace. Today, Google has revealed their picks for the best Android apps on the market these 50...

How To Unzip A File On Any Android Device (4.0+)

You may have downloaded a zip file to your Android device and are wondering how do I unzip my files well by default you are not able to do this which means you are...

Who Has The Largest App Store

App Stores we got to love them they come in all shapes and sizes with different standards and designs but which one of these stores is the largest? First of all remember that it's...

Why You Should Encrypt Your Android Device

Android is an operating system that is targeted by most malware, attacks, theft, and much more so what can you do to protect it. Well Android actually has you covered there, you are able...

HP Announces Android Powered Laptop

HP Is now releasing a laptop to fit the rise in their customer demands and that was for an Android Powered laptop. This new laptop is being called the Slatebook and it is meant to...

Clash Of Clans Review

Clash of Clans has taken the country by swarm and it has risen to be one of the most popular games on Android and IOS devices. The game was very well done but what...

Doodle Jump Review

What’s Good The app is free and, can give you some really cheap and quick entertainment.   What’s Bad The game is really repetitive, and if you try to play it on a daily basis you will slowly...

App Lock Android App Review

When it comes to Android Protection, app locking is one of the most important security features that you can have and the reason is that your apps contain important information or some private information....

Hotspot Shield For Android Review

Hotspot shield is the most popular VPN on the market, and it is the most trusted of them as well. As companies progress, they have to expand to reach a broader audience, and that is...


SEO SERP App is a very interesting mobile SEO checker for your Android device. This app can gather a large amount of data about your site, and it is able to gather information such...


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