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New Chromebook Arrives With Android App Support

The first Chromebook that supports Android Apps has already launched. It will be available starting this week for $450 and this Chromebook brings together Android Apps and the Chrome OS platform. The device has been...

Google CEO Responds To 7 Year Old Who Wants A Job

A 7 year old girl who was seeking a job at Google, earned a response directly from the tech giant's CEO. Andy Bridgewater said he and his 7 year old daughter were sitting at...

Google teams up with Kaggle to host $100,000 video Challenge

Google and Kaggle have announced today a new machine learning challenge where they ask developers to find the best way to automatically tag videos. The challenge comes with a $30,000 grand prize,  (and $25,000, $20,000,...

Google Has Been Asked To Remove Over A Million Websites

After years and years of trying to clear up the murky and unclean waters of the internet, Google's latest transparency report reveals it has now received over a million take down requests for different...
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BT Backs Google In EU Antitrust Lawsuit

BT has become the first major telecoms company to back Google in its battle against the EU. Google is in a battle with EU regulators over its Android Operating system which is being targeted...
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Google Has Been Ordered To Turn Over Foreign Emails

Google has been ordered by a Philadelphia judge to obey search warrants for emails that are stored on servers outside of the US. Which contradicts an appeal that Microsoft had won a court case...
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Snapchat Commits $2 Billion For Google Cloud Infastructure

Snap (Snapchat) has released their S-1 filing's today and there is one interesting tidbit of information buried within the filing. According to the document, Snapchat is investing $400 million int cloud services from Google...
Google Hands Free

Google Shuts Down It’s Hand’s Free Payment App

Google has announced that they will be shutting down Hands-Free, which was an experimental payment app that would allow you to pay for items by simply saying "I'll pay with Google" to a cashier...
Android Nougat 7.1.2

Android Nougat 7.1.2 Coming To Pixel And Nexus Series’ Devices

Google announced this week that the company is going to be releasing version 7.1.2 of Android Nougat to its Pixel and Nexus series of devices. 7.1.2 is an incremental update that includes bug fixes,...
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Google Has Won The “Right To Be Forgotten” Battle In Japan

Google has won a battle in Japan that is eerily similar to that with Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling. The Japanese Supreme Court ruled earlier today and dismissed four cases against the U.S tech...


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