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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Preview Update Allows Contacts To Be Pinned

While Microsoft's Windows 10 update was supposed to have been shipped already but appears to now to be delayed due to issues that were discovered right before shipment. In it's latest...

Microsoft Forces Desktop Skyper’s To Update

Micorsoft is making a major push for Skype users to update to the newer client. Revealed in a blog post, late last week Microsoft's new plan to get users off of older...

Advanced SystemCare 10 Review

Advanced SystemCare 10 is an all in one PC mechanic that helps breathe life back into your sluggish computer. Your computer slows down with age because of the addition and removal...

Scadarlia 1.1.2 Review

Scadarlia is a search engine assistant program that allows you to annotate search results to give you an idea of what you are clicking on before you open it. The program also...
Microsoft One Drive

Windows 10 Cloud Microsoft’s Fresh OS Alternative

Microsoft has been trying to keep PC makers away from Chrome OS (and other alternatives), for many years and trying to keep consumers away from Apple's iPad alternative. Microsoft has failed...
Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft Starts Testing Next Window’s 10 Major Update

While Microsoft has only recently released it's Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it's already getting ready to unveil new features for its next major update. The next major update which is being...

Automattic Reveals A New WordPress Desktop Application

Automattic the company behind WordPress, has released a new free open source desktop application users called Calypso for the Mac. Calypso is meant to act as a desktop version of the WordPress.com...
Apple Tax Rate

The Windows Logo According To Apple

If you have had to use Apple's support pages lately chances are is that you might have noticed a rather unusual representation of the Windows Logo. The image above shows the...

U.S Navy Still Purchasing And Using Windows XP

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April of 2014. However, some customers including the United States navy are still using this legacy technology and are paying Microsoft to make sure their version...

Who Has The Largest App Store

App Stores we got to love them they come in all shapes and sizes with different standards and designs but which one of these stores is the largest? First of all...


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