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AddToAny Asynchronous Loading – Improve Load Time Of AddToAny

In our previous article, we went over how to asynchronously load AddThis which greatly improves your load time so long as you do it correctly and pay attention to the use of...
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How To Optimize Xenforo

Xenforo is a very powerful and well-built forum software that is used by thousands of forums all over the internet. Xenforo while fast out of the box does require some work...

Restore User IP On WordPress When Using CloudFlare

CloudFlare acts as reverse proxy for your users and a common issue when you are using CloudFlare is that you will not be shown the user IP Address but instead you...

How To Configure Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is the go to plugin for Wordpress websites looking to improve their SEO. While competitors such as All In One SEO Pack have risen Yoast always seems to make...

Why Websites Use Misleading Titles

You will be scrolling through your news feed and something truly amazing will come up that sounds almost too good to be true and in the end when you click on...

Protecting Your Website With Cloudflare

CloudFlare is a CDN as well as a Security Firewall for your website. CloudFlare is able to protect your website from many threats such as fake crawlers, spam bots, and much...

Improve Your WordPress Websites Security With Ithemes Security

Ithemes Security is a WordPress Plugin that is meant to improve the security of your website by rewriting the htaccess file to block requests from IP addresses such as bots, fake...

Adsense Issue Insufficient Content

Most people when applying to Adsense will probably get the fatale rejection letter stating that their website has insufficient content. When Adsense says there is insufficient content it might not always...

My Blogger Tricks Review

My Blogger Tricks is a website that was created to aid online entrepreneur by giving them useful information and tips to make their site succeed. The website is on the Blogger...


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