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Facebook News

Facebook Cloned One Of Snapchat’s Features

Facebook has cloned a really popular feature from the social networking app Snapchat called Stories. Stories allow a user to upload a collection of photos and videos and within 24 hours...
Donald Trump

100 Tech Companies Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban

Microsoft, Google, and nearly 100 tech companies ranging from Apple to Flipboard have filed an amicus brief opposing the Trump administration's recent executive order on immigration. The companies argued that the...
Xiamoi Redmi Note Pro 2

Xiamoi Redmi Note Pro 2 Photos Leaked

Xiamoi launched in August its first flagship smartphone in China made OLED display and dual cameras, the only issue was the phone only launched in China. However, among recent rumors suggest...
Tesla Logo

Tesla Motors Changes Company Name To Just Tesla

Tesla Motors has had a name change and will now be known simply as Tesla, Inc. The company announced earlier this morning that the change would be taking place and gave...
Google Sign

Google Has Won The “Right To Be Forgotten” Battle In Japan

Google has won a battle in Japan that is eerily similar to that with Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling. The Japanese Supreme Court ruled earlier today and dismissed four cases against...
Chinese New Year

Alibaba VS Tencent Over Red Envelopes

The Chinese New Year is finally here and an annual custom that while not traditional is still very interesting. Alibaba and Tencent are competing to see which firm can own the...
Alphabet Chart

Deadline Extended For Google To Respond To EU’s Complaint

Alphabet the parent company of Google has been given an extended week to formally respond to allegations from the EU that it is blocking other online search advertising services in order...
Google Posts

Google Debuts Google Posts

Google has released a new tool for celebrities, businesses, and presidential candidates to share information that will feed directly into Google's search results. The new tool dubbed Google Posts, is an invite-only tool...


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