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Stop WordPress Comment Spam

WordPress Stop Spammers With A Custom Comment Blacklist

WordPress has many built-in tools that can help reduce comment spam but they are rarely used as they require manual intervention. This being said while plugins like Askimet are useful they...
Let's Encrypt

HTTPS Hit’s 50% Traffic

HTTPS has hit another big milestone this week. According to a two-week long survey of telemetry data from Firefox, 50% of page loads were over HTTPS. “For the first time, the running...

Restore User IP On WordPress When Using CloudFlare

CloudFlare acts as reverse proxy for your users and a common issue when you are using CloudFlare is that you will not be shown the user IP Address but instead you...
Windows 10 Product Family

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Update Fixes Several Vulnerabilities

Two weeks since its release, Windows 10 has received its first round of updates and fixes from Microsoft. In its monthly round of updates, Microsoft has solved several security issues with the...

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus 11.5 Review

Ad-Aware is a very popular free antivirus program that is produced by Lavasoft. Ad-Aware used to be the name in anti-spyware protection but has since evolved into a full-fledged antivirus suite....
Gmail Faces Outages In China

Chinese Media Advises Users To Accept Gmail Block

The exact reasons for the Gmail blackout in China are unknown, both parties (China, and Google) can be blamed for this halt in the service. Ever since last Friday, there has...

WordPress & Drupal Both Release Security Patch

Yesterday WordPress and Drupal released a security update that if you haven't downloaded yet you need to do that NOW. The patch was to cover a vulnerability involving a denial of...


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