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Google Sign

BT Backs Google In EU Antitrust Lawsuit

BT has become the first major telecoms company to back Google in its battle against the EU. Google is in a battle with EU regulators over its Android Operating system which...
Xiamoi Redmi Note Pro 2

Xiamoi Redmi Note Pro 2 Photos Leaked

Xiamoi launched in August its first flagship smartphone in China made OLED display and dual cameras, the only issue was the phone only launched in China. However, among recent rumors suggest...
mobile friendly highlighted

Google: New Mobile Friendly Tag In Search Results

Google is going to implement a new feature into its mobile search, this new feature includes a tag in the website description that will tell you whether or not the website...
microsoft siri advertisement

Microsoft Insists Siri Is incompetent

Microsoft has just released an advertisement in which Cortana suggests that Siri has made no improvements, but has only gotten bigger. Cortana believes that if Siri can give reminders based on...
Twitter Tweet

How To Center Align Twitter Tweets In WordPress Without A Plugin

One of the most annoying habits of WordPress is that when you add a twitter link it will generate the oEmbed for you automatically...
Google HQ

Google Proves It’s More Than A One Trick Pony

Alphabet, Googles parent company saw an increase in it's "other revenues" increase to $3.1 billion in the first quarter of the year which is...
WordPress Shopify Plugin

Shopify Drops Support For It’s WordPress Plugin

Shopify has officially dropped support for its WordPress plugin and it has removed it from the WordPress.org Directory. The plugin allowed website owners to...
Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Preview Update Allows Contacts To Be Pinned

While Microsoft's Windows 10 update was supposed to have been shipped already but appears to now to be delayed due to issues that were...
Google Analytics

How to Add Google Analytics To WordPress Without Any Plugins

Google Analytics is the defacto standard when it comes to adding analytics to your website. That being said it can be quite difficult to...