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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Preview Update Allows Contacts To Be Pinned

While Microsoft's Windows 10 update was supposed to have been shipped already but appears to now to be delayed due to issues that were discovered right before shipment. In it's latest...
Windows 10

Microsoft Delays Patch Tuesday By A Month

Microsoft will be delaying its regular Patch Tuesday round of security fixes this month. The software giant is blaming a "last minute issue" for the delay and now plans to release...

Did You Know Your Microsoft Mouse Work’s With One Battery

Microsoft veteran Raymond Chen has been known for his strange but interesting posts on his blog. Today, he has released a post explaining why it is that your mouse works just...
Donald Trump

100 Tech Companies Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban

Microsoft, Google, and nearly 100 tech companies ranging from Apple to Flipboard have filed an amicus brief opposing the Trump administration's recent executive order on immigration. The companies argued that the...

Microsoft Forces Desktop Skyper’s To Update

Micorsoft is making a major push for Skype users to update to the newer client. Revealed in a blog post, late last week Microsoft's new plan to get users off of older...
Google Sign

Google Has Been Ordered To Turn Over Foreign Emails

Google has been ordered by a Philadelphia judge to obey search warrants for emails that are stored on servers outside of the US. Which contradicts an appeal that Microsoft had won...
Microsoft One Drive

Windows 10 Cloud Microsoft’s Fresh OS Alternative

Microsoft has been trying to keep PC makers away from Chrome OS (and other alternatives), for many years and trying to keep consumers away from Apple's iPad alternative. Microsoft has failed...

Microsoft Warns Of Fake Security Software Scam

The fake tech support call, a very old but effective form of scam, has recently become more and more popular due to an increase in effectiveness. Over the weekend Microsoft's Malware...
Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft Starts Testing Next Window’s 10 Major Update

While Microsoft has only recently released it's Windows 10 Anniversary Update, it's already getting ready to unveil new features for its next major update. The next major update which is being...

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Push Is Deceptive

Microsoft first announced the release of Windows 10 that it would be a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. This was a smart move for the company because...


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