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Google HQ

Google Proves It’s More Than A One Trick Pony

Alphabet, Googles parent company saw an increase in it's "other revenues" increase to $3.1 billion in the first quarter of the year which is a 50% gain from the same quarter...
Google Analytics

How to Add Google Analytics To WordPress Without Any Plugins

Google Analytics is the defacto standard when it comes to adding analytics to your website. That being said it can be quite difficult to add in WordPress and while there are...
Google Cuba

Google Just Became The First Foreign Internet Company To Launch In Cuba

Google just launched new servers on Wednesday making it the first foreign internet company to host servers in the long cut-off country. These new server are a part of Google's caching servers...

McDonald’s New Ad Wants You To Google Coke

Fast food companies have been acting quite bizarreĀ last week Burger King thought it would be funny to set off Google Home devices by saying "OK Google" during an advertisement. Now McDonald's released...
Google Open Source

Google Launches New Website To Showcase Open Source Projects

Google has been a major supporter of both open source projects, and developers. The company has released many of its own open source projects from Closure Compiler to its WebFont Loader....
Google HQ

Google Announces New Futuristic HQ

Google is now ready to begin building its own futuristic campus in Silicon Valley. Recently, the tech giant has announced that it can break ground for its new headquarters after city officials...
Skull Island

Kong’s Skull Island Spotted on Google Maps

The legendary King Kong franchise has its next sequel coming out Kong: Skull Island and its expected to land next week in a theater near you. Google, has taken upon its...

Google CEO Responds To 7 Year Old Who Wants A Job

A 7 year old girl who was seeking a job at Google, earned a response directly from the tech giant's CEO. Andy Bridgewater said he and his 7 year old daughter...
Donald Trump

100 Tech Companies Oppose Trump’s Travel Ban

Microsoft, Google, and nearly 100 tech companies ranging from Apple to Flipboard have filed an amicus brief opposing the Trump administration's recent executive order on immigration. The companies argued that the...
Google Sign

BT Backs Google In EU Antitrust Lawsuit

BT has become the first major telecoms company to back Google in its battle against the EU. Google is in a battle with EU regulators over its Android Operating system which...


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