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Facebook Adds Fact Checking To Related Articles

Facebook is cracking down on "fake news" and is trying to make you think about whether a headline is true or not. Now before you even read the article Facebook is...
The Guardian

The Guardian Abandons Facebook Instant Articles

A common theme is emerging with Facebook Instant articles and the Guardian has just dropped both Facebook's Instant Articles and Apple News. Originally the Guardian was all in on the platform...
Facebook News

Facebook Cloned One Of Snapchat’s Features

Facebook has cloned a really popular feature from the social networking app Snapchat called Stories. Stories allow a user to upload a collection of photos and videos and within 24 hours...
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google Creates $4 Million Crisis Fund Following Trump’s Immigration Ban

Google (Alphabet) has created a $4 million crisis fund for those who are affected by President Donald Trump's immigration ban, according to USA Today. The $2 million fund can be matched...
Facebook Philippines Flag Inverted

Facebook Declares State Of War In The Philippines

Countries from around the world have different symbols to symbolize a state of war or conflict. For instance, in the United States users would say burning the flag is a symbol...

Instagram Officially Supports Multiple Accounts On Android And iOS

After months of asking and pleading and waiting patiently it appears that Facebook is finally going to be releasing an update that allows users to manage and support multiple Instagram on...

Tsu The Social Network That Pays You

This is a rather interesting concept what if you could be paid for using a social network? Sounds interesting right and you might be intrigued to try it. Well, a new...
Ninja Saga Review

Ninja Saga Review

Ninja Saga is an extremely popular Facebook game where you get to create a ninja that feels like it exists from the Naruto Universe. While the game is not set in...

Facebook Launches Adnetwork Named Atlas

Atlas which was owned by Microsoft several years back was purchased by Facebook. This purchase took place early 2013 and Facebook has not really done much with it since. However, Facebook...

Facebook Malware: Color Change

One of the oldest Facebook scams has been resurrected to haunt the lives of over 10,000 users according to Cheetah Mobile. Facebook color changer is an app that is said to be...


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