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There Is No Global Blackout In December

A recent hoax has circled around the internet that NASA has predicted a global blackout come December of this year. This has already been debunked by Snopes, but it still seems people...

Adsense New Mobile Friendly Text Ads

Google has just recently rolled out a change to their Adsense Text ads. Now the text ads are built more for mobile devices instead of them being as cluttered as before...

Minnesota and Maryland Start Sales Tax From Purchases Made On Amazon

Minnesota and Maryland are the two newest states that are going to start charging sales tax made from online transactions through Amazon. This makes them the 22nd, and 23rd states to...

Facebook Launches Adnetwork Named Atlas

Atlas which was owned by Microsoft several years back was purchased by Facebook. This purchase took place early 2013 and Facebook has not really done much with it since. However, Facebook...

Why Websites Use Misleading Titles

You will be scrolling through your news feed and something truly amazing will come up that sounds almost too good to be true and in the end when you click on...

360 Internet Security Review

360 Internet Security the younger sister of 360 Total Security is a trimmed down version of the popular antivirus solution. It comes with many of the same features, but it is...

Australian Man Has Tumor Removed From His 10 Year Old Goldfish

An Australian man has paid $200 to have a tumor removed from the brain of his 10-year-old goldfish named George. The owner Pip Joyce, noticed one day that there was a large...

Google Launches Android One

Today Google has launched its new $105 Android smart phone in India. This is apart of Google’s initiative to get smart phones into the hands of users in new and emerging...

Microsoft Accidentally Teases Windows 9 On Social Media Page

Microsoft has yet again released information about their products. Remember when Microsoft accidentally released information pertaining to their Surface Pro 3? It would appear that this time Microsoft China has teased...

How To Get Past School Wifi Block

You are a student and are trying to access your favorite website, or app and when you go to use it your school probably has it blocked. These settings are placed...


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