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BuddyPress Activity Share Free BuddyPress Plugin

I formally released a very basic but handy BuddyPress plugin over the weekend. The plugin named BuddyPress Activity Share is a very simple plugin and it's meant to be added and...
BuddyPress Global Search

New BuddyPress Global Search Plugins Adds Unified Search

Our friends over at BuddyBoss have released a new plugin entitled BuddyPress Global Search and its objective is to extend the searching capabilities of the traditional WordPress search. You no longer...
North Korea

Mike Pence Warns North Korea: ‘The sword stands ready’

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday warned North Korea to not test the resolve of the United States military stating that it would make...

McDonald’s New Ad Wants You To Google Coke

Fast food companies have been acting quite bizarreĀ last week Burger King thought it would be funny to set off Google Home devices by saying...
Facebook News

Facebook Cloned One Of Snapchat’s Features

Facebook has cloned a really popular feature from the social networking app Snapchat called Stories. Stories allow a user to upload a collection of...
Google Open Source

Google Launches New Website To Showcase Open Source Projects

Google has been a major supporter of both open source projects, and developers. The company has released many of its own open source projects...
Google HQ

Google Announces New Futuristic HQ

Google is now ready to begin building its own futuristic campus in Silicon Valley. Recently, the tech giant has announced that it can break ground...