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Google Traffic Is 77% Encrypted

Google has been making a large push towards encrypting the entire internet. By making it a ranking factor, giving an https option for Blogger and converting all Gmail traffic to https. However,...
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Google accuses 9to5Google website of trademark violation

9to5Google has been in operation for over five years now without any problem but today Google has decided that the Google-focused tech site is in violation of its trademark by using...

Adsense Review

Adsense has been the monetization tool for website ever since it was first launched by Google in 2003. Adsense has amassed an impressive amount of over 2 million publishers of all sizes...

Adsense Direct To Be Discontinued

Google launched Adsense Direct 9 months ago as a way for Adsense publishers to sell their ad space directly to advertisers. When the idea first came up everyone loved it, it...

Infolinks Review

Infolinks is a very popular advertising network that works different from most. It works by placing links inside the content that your readers are reading and as they hover over them...

Adsense New Mobile Friendly Text Ads

Google has just recently rolled out a change to their Adsense Text ads. Now the text ads are built more for mobile devices instead of them being as cluttered as before...

Adsense Issue Insufficient Content

Most people when applying to Adsense will probably get the fatale rejection letter stating that their website has insufficient content. When Adsense says there is insufficient content it might not always...


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