System Mechanic is a PC optimization software that rivals even Advanced System Care. The program comes with a ton of tools to optimize your PC and put it in peak performance. Features such as Registry Cleaner, LiveBoost, and Accelewrite make your computer run as if it were new.

The program comes with many features similar to that of Advanced System Care and some that you probably won’t find anywhere else. You can check out their full list of features here!

While the program does come with a lot of tools to improve the speed of your computer, it also comes with tools to protect your computer. System Guard is a tool that is meant to prevent malicious programs from running on your computer and it blocks changes to your internet home page. That means you no longer have to worry about that pesky home screen on your browser. As you can see the program comes with a lot of valuable features to improve the safety and stability of your computer. However, the program is not without flaw there are some design issues with the user interface.

The program looks as if it were designed for Windows XP. While this is not a bad thing, it simply doesn’t look like it is part of this era, while programs like Advanced System Care have a very elegant looking user interface and get the job done as well. Even if the job is not done as well as System Mechanic the program has the user interface on it. This is not a reason to dismiss the program as it is still extremely powerful and quite simple to read. Even if you are not a computer expert, you will be able to use System Mechanic to optimize your computer and experience no sort of confusion. All you need to worry about is using the simple one click tool to scan your computer for issues and the program immediately goes to work on fixing them. I found the program has been just as effective as Advanced System Care, has more tools, but lacks a decent user interface. So if looks don’t matter to you and you are looking for a top of the line PC optimization tool, then System Mechanic is the program made for you.

The program, however, is not free, it comes with a price of $39.95 and lucky for you if you are not wanting to pay for this piece of software, we will be giving away 3 license keys.

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