Swagbucks is an online rewards program that pays you for performing tasks such as watching videos, playing games, completing surveys and various other jobs.

Here is how the system works.

When you go to complete a task lets say you play a video. You are served an advertisement for each video after a certain amount of videos you are paid Swagbucks. They are generating more revenue from the advertising revenue than the Swagbucks are worth. When you are doing tasks like a job the website is paid to display them there and are paid additionally for when it is completed they give you Swagbucks as a form of payment. Keep in mind this is not a get rich scheme infact you will never make it rich off of this system but it can generate you some additional income for a small gift or a game off of Amazon.

When it comes to polls you are basically getting a free Swagbuck a day by answering their daily poll. Keep in mind it takes 450 Swagbucks to get a $5.00 amazon card. This system is not a get rich scheme however, there are ways to get more Swagbucks for your time. So the system basically works because the more people using it the more money the company makes they just pay the users a percentage by the redeem system.

Also, you may earn up to 150 points a day via the Swagbucks video website so by playing a video in the background with no audio you can maximise the amount of Swagbucks that you can earn. This is 200 Swagbucks a day basically on auto drive which equates to 5 dollars for every 2.25 days. This is not a lot but if you took it over a year that is 160 x 5 which is $800 dollars for doing next to nothing.

Can You Provide Proof

Yes, I can

swagbucks payment proof


I then redeemed the cards and bought myself the Secret World from Amazon.


Get Swagbucks Easily.

The system can actually be improved on to make it easier for you the user, to get the most Swagbucks with the least amount of work. In my case I use my old Galaxy S3 and downloaded the Swagbucks TV app. I then run the app and it plays the videos automatically for me I keep it going on its own charger and run the device until it reaches its daily limit of 50 Swagbucks. I then do the daily objectives on my page NOSO, Crave, Daily Poll, and Toolbar. If you use the toolbar you even are alerted when they do a code giveaway instantaneously.

This will give you almost 60 Swagbucks a day to get an amazon gift card it is $450 so in about a week you can get it nearly passively. If you are smart you can write a batch file running multiple browsers to launch into a video then close and open another one. However, this can be considered a form of botting which is not recommended. Also for video games every two games = 2 Swagbucks you don’t even have to score in the game to be rewarded but try the first round to get some points and then you can continuously fail for you to gain quick Swagbucks. The advertisements will be shown before each of the games all you have to do is wait for the skip button and continue to fail.


Final Thoughts

Swagbucks is in no way shape or form an easy money-maker you will make very little from the app, and while it’s not a way to get rich you can make extra money from no real work which is always an interesting idea. The service is well trusted, used by thousands, has been around for years and has even helped me get something. If you are still skeptical then check out my video below for more information and detail on the service. If you want to sign-up use the link provided to be redirected to their homepage.

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