Steam we love your deals and your bundles, but our wallets scream in terror every time another one of your sales rolls around. Collecting games on your steam account is like a hobby, a very expensive hobby. Based on the past few years we were expecting the Steam sale to start on Wednesday the 26th like it normally does. However, this year it seems that an accidental leak confirms when it will begin.

According to PayPal the Steam Autumn Sale will begin on November 26th which is this upcoming Wednesday. The sale will end on December 1st which is Cyber Monday. You will be able to get your Black Friday, and Cyber Monday deals through steam during this time period.

While Valve has yet to announce the official start date, they are likely to give fair notice to their secondary payment methods such as PayPal. PayPal being one of the largest payment methods for Steam is likely to have this information therefore  it is safe to say we will all go poor.


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