What is SpywareBlaster? Most people would say it removes spyware right? Not quite SpywareBlaster is an anti-spyware program that works in an entirely different way instead of wasting resources and scanning your computer SpywareBlaster took another approach why not prevent it from getting to the Browser?

This idea lead to the birth of SpywareBlaster which works in a very simple way. Your browser is your front line protection from malicious sites and cookies, and it is the gateway to that site. Therefore,it makes sense to prevent the malware from getting past that gateway, so SpywareBlaster works in a simple way that doesn’t take any system resources.

When you download SpywareBlaster you will see a strange home screen saying that the protection is not enabled this protection and this protection is blocking that tells the browser don’t go to this site, don’t accept these cookies, or don’t accept these scripts, and you download the patches. This way it does not need to be running all the time, SpywareBlaster gets updated, and then you are protected.

Many antispyware programs will take up a lot of RAM, and it will not protect against adware or many other types of malware. Well SpywareBlaster is another good form of protection that you should be using. Look at it this way, it takes no resources, it gives you free protection, and it is really simple to use.

Other Features of the program

  • IE Browser Pages: Change various browser settings.
  • MISC. IE Settings: Change the settings of Internet Explorer.
  • Hosts Safe: Backs up your host files.
  • Flash Killer: Disables all flash content on websites that you visit.
  • Custom Blocking: Allows you to set your own rules to block, such as ActiveX controls.
While this program is not necessary for your computer protection you have to look at it this way. What do you have to lose by using it? Nothing the program takes up little space on the hard drive or solid state disk, and it takes no resources except for when you are updating. So what do you have to lose? Nothing of serious value so you should give the program a shot especially considering that, it is free and you are not restricted except for automatic updates.
I have used the program for a very long time and found it to be nice to have considering that I rarely run into as obnoxious cookies with it, and that it is a very powerful program. The only thing that needs to change is that the company needs to start updating more frequently because it seems like the total staff at the company is maybe one or two people because the program is updated about 4 times a month which is very poor for database updates.


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