Sovrn is a CPM based advertising network that is located in the United States. It was formerly owned by Federated Media who never did anything with it and was later sold to Sovrn who is trying to push the network and has improved the publisher experience. The company was originally founded on the principles of using analytics that it gathered to produce highly targeted advertisements. However, the company has had a hard time generating not only advertisers but publishers and this is mostly due to very low fill rates.

Sovrn does allow the publisher to set a “floor price” which is the lowest rate that an advertisement can pay for it to show on your website. While this is a very handy feature it still doesn’t make it worth the very low fill rate. The network is a great backup in case Google either pays something that is too low or there is not 100% fill rate.

Sovrn Advertisement Formats

Sovrn supports a very large range of ad formats which is welcoming. It supports rich media, mobile, VAST Video, and pop-ups.

  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle
  • 300×600 Half Page
  • 728×90 Standard Banner
  • 160×600 Wide Skyscraper
  • VAST Video (video advertisement that typically adapts to the sidebar size)
  • Pop-Ups (advertisements that “pop up” in front of the users view a couple of seconds after the page is loaded.
  • Mobile advertisements (320×50 or 320×100)


While Sovrn does show its own analytics within your dashboard it is not certain how accurate these analytics are and in some cases they may be completely off from other services such as Google Analytics. Therefore, if you are looking for analytics about your visitors it is recommended to use Google Analytics.

CPM Rates

Sovrn actually has an extremely high CPM rate for US traffic, and the fill rates can also range pretty high at 80%-90%. However, if any of your traffic comes from outside of the United States you are going to see a major drop in profit and fill rates. Sovrn fill rates for international traffic can be as low as 30% and the CPM rate can be much lower as well.

However, something else that Sovrn manages to do an amazing job at is, keeping clean and high quality advertisements. There are no real spam looking advertisements such as “click to download this software” the advertisements are very clean and tend to do very well with Adsense.


You need a minimum of $25 and you will be paid every 30 days. One of the more intriguing things is you are not required to fill any tax documents.

You will receive payments through PayPal or ACH.

Payment Proof

Last Thoughts On Sovrn

While Sovrn has a really high CPM rate for United States traffic the lack of fill rate and advertisement types can be rather annoying. The ad network needs to optimize their advertisements for mobile through a responsive advertisement unit or it will have a hard time competing with companies like Google.

If they get a higher fill rate and get a better advertising system one where they are optimized for all mediums and they improve the load time of their advertisements then you will see a new wave of “Fueled by Sovrn” banners across the internet.

Sign-up for Sovrn advertisements here.


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