Sonic Dash is a game that is similar to that of Temple Run. The game is simply you running around a three lanes on a map and you are to avoid obstacles and to collect coins. Sounds familiar right, it is a complete knock off of Temple Run. Sega the company who released the app, has clearly shown that they can copy another apps idea change the skin and animations and make a very successful game.

According the latest statistics the game has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play store so the game is clearly a wild success especially within terms of revenue. So the game has succeeded but why and how?

Sonic Dash is not unique so why did it succeed?

Sonic Dash doesn’t have to be different so many people love the Sonic franchise that they are going to get the game just because of its name. However, it does have the appeal of two crowds in smaller amounts. A small part of the sonic fans and a small part of the Temple Run fans put the two together and numbers like this are quiet possible. The potential is even greater, so long as the game continues to update then it will be a huge success.


My Experience 

The game can be entertaining for a while but the longer you play it the more you feel that there is no goal, nothing to work for and nothing to gain. This was the precise issue with Temple Run the game is great when you are bored or don’t want to look like you are lonely at a party but the game lacks objective and rewards and because of that it will lack longevity. Therefore, i lost interest in the game and I uninstalled it within a week, but maybe your experience will be better if you like the game, and had a good time share your experience in the comments. Why not share your top score let’s make a game out of it and I might just give the game a second chance.

What do you think of Sonic Dash? Do you play it or will you consider playing it. Post your scores in the comments below.

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